Saturday, April 23, 2011

Misamis Oriental Aquamarine Park

The Misamis Oriental Aquamarine Park or MOAP has been visited because of its widely known dolphin island watching. MOAP has been a sanctuary for dolphins that has been brought to their shelter. As years goes by, MOAP treated injured dolphins. They already have taken care several numbers of dolphin. They too allow guests to swim with the dolphin, feed them and of course the picture taking. (How to go to MOAP?)

MOAP - Misamis Oriental Aquamarine Park

The Dolphin Island

The MOAP's dolphin island is a private island built to shelter dolphins. Its is naturally a little white island and then built with structures around it enough for the dolphins to swim around together with their cottages and their restaurant.

Port going to Dolphin Island

We arrived at the Dolphin Island

The dolphin Island

With the cutie dolphins :)

Aside from the dolphin watching at dolphin island, MOAP also cater snorkeling around the dolphin island. You can see a wide variety of colorful fishes, corals, starfish, clams and other water creatures in their little lagoon.

Snorkeling at dolphin Island

MOAP also has this park or little zoo  around a swamp. What's unique about this zoo is, the cages of the animals are put around a swampy area since it is a mangrove area at the port going to the dolphin island.

Picture Time butt much hmpf

Me and my friends tried snorkeling (my first time). :) its a little bit scary cause I don't swim in water that i know is really deep, not to mention it is a salt water. But having friends who were eager to see them going to snorkel, I guess I have to go too and it was all worth it. And we return home happy faces and DARKER.

My superfriends at MOAP :)

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