Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome to my travel blog

Hello all! Hello Philippines!

I welcome you to my travel blog that showcases my trips, climbs and food trips. I am from Iligan City and to start with, I would like you guys to learn more about my City.

Iligan City also known as "The City of Waterfalls" sleeps in the midst of Northern Mindanao along the shores of Iligan Bay. It was named as such because of the presence of more than 20 waterfalls.  Iligan City along with nearby cities and provinces is powered by the pride of the city's Ma. Cristina Falls.

Another waterfall pride of the city is Tinago Falls which lies in Buruun, Iligan City. Unlike Ma. Cristina Falls, the Tinago Falls allows tourists to dive in and camp for hours and dwells the coldness and freshness of the water.

With the abundance of water around the city, Iligan City presents the Timoga Cold Springs that has more than 5 spring resorts with flowing water and good amenities.

The recent development in the city tourism is the development of zipline adventures located in Nature's Park Ma. Cristina and Iligan Paradise Resort & Eco Park, Mimbalot, Iligan City.

Wanna go climbing? Visit Mt. Agad-agad in Pugaan, Iligan City. Mt. Agad agad is a climbing practice ground for climbers that could be traveled in 2 hours to reach the peak. It is the highest peak in the vicinity yet it is the nearest peak and a good spot to view the city wide scene from above.

Iligan City is more to offer and to view other leisures and the city facts just visit the official website


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